A Bear in Our Midst

Mystery of Keyser Ridge 2

Doctor Andrew Prentiss has watched his older and younger brother and his best friend find their mates. So, when is it this black bear shifter’s turn? Of all of the Prentiss children, he’s the one who believed most strongly in Fate doing the choosing of one’s mate. But at age thirty-eight and no mate in sight, he’s beginning to think maybe Fate forgot about him. Then he gets a call from a new Park Ranger needing an injured child checked out and nothing is the same again.

Park Ranger Kendall Humphrey has disavowed taking a mate for life, no matter what. After seeing what mating lust and bonding did to her parents back home in Wyoming, she now lives by a hard and fast rule of only casual sex. Being committed and attached to one male can lead to madness and/or death, and she loves being alive too much to risk either. But the big, growly Doc does something to her no one ever has and she’s finding it harder to resist his obvious intent.Heck, her cinnamon bear wants nothing more than hibernate all winter in his arms, never mind bear him lots and lots of cubs, though Kendall is not at all sure she’s cut-out to be the motherly type.

Midnight Magic

Mystery of Keyser Ridge 3

How Tomas Gaida wound up in the Keyser Ridge area is more a mystery to him than anyone else. One minute he’s happily scouring Europe for saleable, not to mention valuable, antiques and in the next, he’s packed and saying goodbye to friends and the only home he’s known. The lengths to which one will go to help a good friend surely does not include packing up and moving across an ocean? Yet, that is exactly what he found himself doing after Steponas Popieziaus asked him to do. Apparently, his best friend’s little sister went and got herself mated and married and Steponas was not happy about it, though work and family matters prevented him from leaving the old country to check on things. Into the breach steps his best friend Tomas, a man whose family is spread all over the world and whose work can be done anywhere, according to his friend’s viewpoint.

The idea of finding out what is so exciting about living and working in the US, Tomas turns the move into an adventure. It turned into one of the most sinfully sweet kind when he unexpectedly finds himself in need of a computer geek to work out the bugs in his work and home computer system. When in walks Platinum blond, blue-eyed Ursula Prentiss, the deliciously curvy, bossy computer tech rocks his world like no other. Can this vampire tame a growly Eastern white bear enough so they can create magic every night?

Pick A Number

Mystery of Keyser Ridge 4

Madeline Tucker was wise beyond her twenty-five years. Best friends with Edie Ripley, she was fully aware of what and who her friend’s family and neighbors were, but she didn’t care. Nor was she frightened off by the rumors and stories of long ago. Madeline was a college graduate, taught third grade in one of the local elementary school, and fully human. But that didn’t keep her from practically drooling every time she saw one of Edie’s older twin brothers walk past. Damn, but she loved tall, soft-spoken Harrison Ripley. Even before she learned he was the CFO for the family’s furniture business, she just knew he had to be smart. Something about the way he carried himself said so. Now, if only he’d look at her the way he did those “other” women he and his twin brother allowed to hang around.

Harrison was all too aware of Madeline Tucker the first time she entered his parent’s house, having been invited to family dinner by his sister Edie. The brown-eyed redhead was gay, charming and had a cheery laugh which warmed his heart. He wanted to get to know her real bad, his puma wanted to do more than merely talk. But she was a human and puma shifters stayed away from them, or so it was drilled into his head since a young cub. While his twin brother Leo had no intention of ever marrying and mating, despite being slated to one day be Alpha thanks to being born first, Harrison was tired of being used, wanted out on his own, and couldn’t shake the growing feeling inside for the sexy schoolteacher. Whether mating with her caused her to change or not, he didn’t care. It was time to take a stand for what he wanted.He wanted the redhead with a hunger he’d never felt before. Time to stand up and be counted.