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Falling for Snow

Mystery of Keyser Ridge 1

What does one do when Fate steps in and throws yet another curveball? One perseveres in spite of it. Fourteen years of painful taunts of being different, Gabriele Pope has her eyes firmly on the prize. A college education means living away from the compound while fully embracing her love of the environment.

The moment she strides into the ES101 course and sets her eyes on Professor Braxton Taggett, everything changes. Her cat whines “mate” as she fights the strong attraction. A mate is not even a bullet-point on her current plan. Besides, half of the female student population fantasizes about getting the “hunk” naked in bed, but allowing herself to get mixed up with any man might put a crimp in the plan to get a job at the environmental lab and thereby permanently escape her uncle’s iron grip.

One night of fun after the lab’s holiday party and Gaby’s lust for the man goes into overdrive, but she fights it. Braxton, on the other hand, finds himself in the unenviable position of choosing happiness with a mate or eternal misery while finally witnessing misdeeds of the past being rectified.

Slowly coming to realize something sinister may exist between her uncle and Professor Taggett, Gaby decides to keep safe the man who now owns her heart and severs all contact. Unbeknownst to her, the connection between them is more than superficial. What Fate has set in motion cannot be blinded by snow, literally or figuratively.

publication date: TBD





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