Welcome to my world of musings. I hope you enjoy reading about my characters and their stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

First a little about me. After many years as a reader of romance, I got tired of waiting for my favorite authors to publish a new novel [some took over 4 years to reach a store’s bookshelf].  I joined Romance Writers of America and a local Maryland chapter. Time and life intruded on my career and I wound up putting writing on hold to concentrate on work and being a single parent. Once the kids were grown and gone, I started writing again and fervently pursuing the dream of being a published author.  I have a number of finished manuscripts, more partially written, and a bunch of characters insisting I write their story now.

After submitting one of my favorite stories and having it rejected a number of times, I was elated when Vinvatar Publishing said they wanted to publish it, and thrilled to become part of their new and growing family. There is currently no a publication date or cover art. When either or both become available, I will post it here as well as on my Facebook page, etc. A newsletter with news and updates about my books & more is also being considered. Waiting to see if enough people request with signing up their email address.

Thanks for your support.  Writers would be nowhere without readers.

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