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Latest from talented Clair de Lune:
Book 3 in the “Red is for” series is being released by Vinvatar Publishing



Look what’s out in time for the holidays and a great

way to use one of those handy, dandy gift cards …

Red is For… Danger

Kindle Edition [re-release]

His Sleeping Beau by Jess Buffett

Torn from his family, Zanth must now take his rightful place as leader, but what awaits him may very well be their undoing.…/sleeping-beau-wickedly-ever-2/



I Waited for You by Lynn Ray Lewis

An encounter with a real life fantasy has given Julie Nelson her career as a writer of erotic romance involving fantastical creatures. Her real life is becoming too strange for imagination.



Seducing Their Swan by Gracie Meadows

An accident brings Evangeline back to her small town right at the time she wanted to avoid most… her high school reunion. Evangeline soon finds herself in a predicament; risk a relationship with both men, keeping her new cover… or let the men see her for who she was—the Ugly Duckling of the town.



Robin and Her Merry Men by Willow Brooke

What do you do when you have everything and want for nothing? You change the world around you and help those less fortunate.…/robin-merry-men-wickedly-ever-1/



Master’s Bitch (Sin’s Sanctuary 2) by Sin Cerity

Peter is trying hard to escape his past. He has made many mistakes but is trying his best to make amends.

Sarah is a Strong willed submissive that has agreed to be his temporary sub as he trains to be a Dom at the local BDSM club.

Although there is mutual attraction, Sarah refuses to forgive Peters past mistakes. Will his Dominance break through the cold, hard shell she has encased her heart in?…/masters-bitch-sins-sanctuary-2/



Till My Last Breath Kindle Edition


Oliver and Charlie find themselves at an impasse when it comes to caring for Patrick. With the holidays approaching the only thing they agree upon is giving Patrick the best Christmas ever. Will a meddling old man’s Christmas Wish be granted? Come to Holiday Ranch and join in as a father and daughter learn what is important in life. And watch as a man and woman learn that love and happiness can be found even in devastating times.



Forgive Me Santa Kindle Edition


3 Book bundle!

In A Christmas Wish, you’ll meet Spencer, who is a workaholic but finally goes home for the holidays.

In Christmas in Cuffs, you’ll meet Debbie who’s fantasies involve two hot cops.

In Christmas Surrender, a lonely hairdresser spends Christmas Eve with a stranger.


Available now…3 Quickies in A Row: Volume 1 Kindle Edition
by Sin Cerity (Author), Ryder Dane (Author), April Zyon (Author)


Forgotten No More by April Zyon
Cynder is used to going unnoticed, left alone, and constantly forgotten, but that all changes when the impossible happens, and someone actually sees her and wants her just as she is.

Unexpected Complication by Ryder Dane
Fanny had never expected to fall for a man like Hoss, a man who had no shame, yet every time he held her in his arms her heart started pounding harder, and breathing became laborious. She knew he had secrets, but she didn’t care; nothing else mattered beyond how they felt about each other… Right?

Fast Love by Sin Cerity
Cole likes his women like he likes his cars, flashy and fast. At least he used to…
Jenna wants Cole. She has since the first time she saw him , but when he doesn’t reciprocate her advances she decides to back off and see what happens. When they finally collide they’re explosive, but what will happen when a rival of Cole’s succeeds in getting inside his head? Will Cole and Jenna win this race together or will one of them be left at the back of the grid?


Releasing Tuesday 11/22/16 by Vinvatar Publishing:
3 Quickies in a Row, Vol.2


The Secret Sanctuary: Guardians of Sanctuary

by T.L. Shively (Author)


Telara and her friends are pulled into a world where myth and legends are the norm. In a few short weeks they went from average teenagers to Guardians with powers; descendants from Greek Gods and Goddesses.


Coffee Run: (Heels for Hire, Inc)

by Gracie Meadows


Colleen Train, Coffee, as she is known to everyone around her, has kept a dark secret for most of her adult life. Something that could end everything with Heels for Hire Inc. When her past comes back in full force, she is faced with a choice to either tell everyone danger lurks close by, or pack up and disappear again.


Life on the Edge

by Clair de Lune


Beware of what you wish for. Drustan, an auxiliary in the Roman army, longs for some action or a little excitement in his life. One day Aquilas offers him a sex slave, in payment of a gambling debt. Drustan is suspicious when, all of a sudden, Elisedd, at first a filthy, spitting hellcat, seems more than willing to fulfill his every fantasy. Elisedd holds the key to Drustan’s past. However, others have noticed the Roman auxiliary and such a secret cannot be kept for long



A new series sure to touch your heart by Flora McGregor [also known as Clair de Lune]. Check it out, you lovers of Wolf shifters.


Coming September 2nd from Gracie Meadows! Another “Heels for Hire” set to release with a new cover and under the auspices of a new publisher.