Snippet Sunday 07.09.17

“Oh, for pity sake, stop flapping around up there and alight somewhere, right now!”

Undeniable anger peppered the tone of voice, and the others gathered in the high-ceiling, cavernous room, snickered behind raised hands while rolling their eyes. No one openly dared contradict Lady Anastasia Gaida and definitely not when she used that imperious tone of voice.

Well, almost no one, if the huge winged creature soaring nearly the ceiling, was any gauge. It occasionally swooped low, managing to avoid a direct crash into one of a pair of massive cut-glass chandeliers. Clearly, fear of the older woman did not factor one iota.

As it kept swooping and soaring about the expansive room, Lady Anastasia’s upset continued to grow and she scowled while demanding, “Tomas Luka Gaida, I said to come down right now and I will not stand for your disobeying me, even if you are a grown man. Down here, right now!”

A most distinctive flap of wings continued to ruffle the air in outright defiance of the authoritative command.

unedited excerpt from “Magic at Midnight: Mystery of Keyser Ridge #3


5 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 07.09.17

  1. Eep, someone’s going to have their butt handed to them – either Tomas or Lady Anastasia. Good snippet, Chrystamane.

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