Snippet Sunday 06.10.17

“Darn right I want sex but not with someone else. I want it with you, only you, and there will be nothing casual about it,” he declared before taking full possession of her mouth. The kiss was brisk, demanding, unrelenting, potent. Soon her lips softened under the persuasive assault, parting to let his tongue slip in and sweep over, around, then tangling with her tongue.

A needy moan tore up her throat, spilling from her mouth into his, as her knees buckled and her hands latched onto his muscular upper arms.

Damn, but he was built, and cunning, skillfully devious, kissed with finesse, and stoked the heat burning in her belly to near red hot. Wetness oozed out her pussy and lightly coated her inner thighs, as invisible fingers pinched hard on her clit.

Oh, dammit, she was in so much trouble. For wanting the bossy, stubborn man defied all sense and reason, but she wanted these warm, demanding lips of his on other parts of her body. Hell, she wanted them to touch every single part of her body.

The idea was deliciously scandalous, wildly wicked, and fueled the unrelenting sexy need erupting in her core. The feel of his rock solid chest beneath his shirt under her palms was indescribable. Clearly he worked out on regular basis. No one was born this way.

Overwhelmed by the fiery hunger slowly taking over her senses, she pushed away, determined to break physical contact before it shut down all rational thought.

“Doc, I can’t,” she babbled, sucking in air in huge gulps.

“Mmm, hmm,” he murmured, trailing his lips up and down the side of her neck.

The sound vibrated on her skin, making her shiver, as another moan slipped haphazardly through her parted lips. Good grief, the man was a demon. If she didn’t stop him soon, she’d cease breathing, thinking coherently, and willingly do things long ago vowed against.

“Doc, please,” she begged, though her tone lacked any real authority.

“Please what, Nutmeg?”

Damn, there was that godawful name again. What was this man’s problem? Wasn’t her first name good enough to use? Frankly, she rather liked it, not overly feminine or overtly masculine. Why was it necessary to call her by something else? More specially, by the name of a pungent spice used in baking?


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