Sunday Snippet 04.23.17

A wistful sigh seeped out her lips. Why couldn’t Mister Snootypants understand better the work entailed in making things work the way he wanted and needed? How had so many grown up without ever learning how things truly work? With all the modern necessities and electronic advances, it made no sense. Ugh!

A few minutes later a loud beep pulled her back from the quiet musing, a smile curving her full lips as the hoped for result flashed on screen.

“All right,” she murmured with glee, rubbing her hands together. Then she laced her hands together, turned them upside down, and cracked her joints while stretching her arms overhead. She stood up and turned around. The loud squeak flying out her mouth shocked and stunned, her eyes opening wide as she nearly walked smack into the body standing silent in the doorway.

“How long have you been spying on me?”

Affronted by her bristling tone of voice, Tomas straightened his back and pulled up to his full height of over six feet, towering over the five foot five female glaring at her, with balled up hands pressed on her hips.

“I am not spying on you.” He retaliated, met her glare with a stern one of his own.

“Then what would you call standing there while silently watching? Are you still afraid I will ruin your precious hardware and software? Did my work meet with your approval, oh master of all things?”

“There is no call for that kind of attitude, young lady.”

“Stop being patronizing,” she countered.

Baby blue eyes blazing, lips pushed into a decided pout, Tomas tried to hold onto his anger, but it all too soon proved impossible. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he bent over and took possession of those inviting full lips, crushing them under his own. Their teeth clinked lightly as their tongues dueled for mastery. Neither was willing to give up; neither wanted to be dominated by the other. But it was clear neither could ignore the other.

Both were breathing hard when they managed to break apart.

“What the …?” Ursula sputtered, slapped the man’s cheek hard. Equilibrium rocky, unbridled passion suddenly in control, she staggered backwards as her breath puffed in and out and her eyes blinked fast.

*unedited from Magic at Midnight, Mystery of Keyser Ridge 3*


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