Sunday Snippet 03.19.17

Getting intimate and personal with this man had the potential for danger and not solely the physical kind. Emotional entanglements could wind up very nasty. She’d seen the worst they could cause. Did she really want to see the doctor suffer when it could easily be avoided? He was rather nice, though this previously hidden bossy side was a shock. Still.

Andrew tapped the tip of her nose, vaguely aware her thoughts were drifting far afield. He wanted them most definitely in the present. “Don’t lie to me, Nutmeg. It’s not nice or ladylike.”

How the hell did he deduce it? Was she that easy to read? Lord, she hoped not, having taken great pains through the years to learn how to hide them. Was he clairvoyant or have ESP? Now that would be a major problem, but definitely explain some stuff.

“I’m not a lady. I’m a National Park Ranger. I dress in pants most of the year, shorts in the hot summer months. I don’t even own a dress.”

“That’s a problem easily solved,” he offered. From the deep frown on her face, it was clear the solution did not meet with approval. He playfully tweaked her nose. “Ah, Nutmeg, with your sexy curves, it would be a shame to hide them under manlike clothes all the time. But your tantalizing smell is all female, and that’s what really matters to me. I love females, only female, and you are the only one I want at my side forever.” He trailed a finger from nose and down over her body, sensuously outlining each delectable curve.

Shivers erupted wherever his finger touched, and she couldn’t fight it for long, closing her eyes and sighing, “Oh, good grief.”

A delighted chuckle fell from his lips, his manly pride at his seduction skills renewed. “Shall we get onto the loving part?”

*unedited from “A Bear in Our Midst: Mystery of Keyser Ridge 2”


3 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet 03.19.17

  1. He might think he’s so suave, but more than likely she’s not going to be as easily swayed as his ego thinks. Good snippet, Chrysta. 🙂

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