Sunday Snippet 03.12.17

The man had the most twisted, wicked sense of humor she’d ever encountered. “Well, that does answer a few things. I’ve never been considered an intellectual. A country girl, born and raised, and while I’m sure there are some in Wyoming who know about foreplay, I am not into it. Besides, it’s way too complicated and time-consuming. I prefer plain, simple, casual.”

“So you’ve said more than once. The ‘no muss no fuss’ kind.”

“Precisely,” she agreed in a smug sort of tone.

The woman was not only a major turn-on but an enigma to boot. Oh he loved puzzles, especially difficult ones, unable to resist the implied challenge. But he also loved to win, and he had no doubt of not doing so with this delicious, curving puzzle.

“Apparently you’ve never been with a real man, one who cares about making sure you’re satisfied before he is.”

Her lips pushed into a decided pout. “Are you trying to say you’re more skilled than any of the men I’ve ever been with?” His flagrant nod nearly pitched her anger over the edge, and she sputtered, “Why you, you?”


“You are so darn full of it, Doc.”

“I beg your pardon?” He stared back, affronted by the implication. “My skill and technique have never been called into question, ever. Some have even called it masterful. If you want to compare numbers of bedmates, sweetheart, I’m fairly sure mine will blow yours right out of the water. Males here tend to start early and wind up with a lot of experience by the time they find their mate.”

“Masterful? You can’t be serious?”  Peals of laughter tripped out of her mouth. That was the funniest thing she’d heard in a long time. “You’re a doctor, a darn good one, if what I saw in your office with that little girl is any indication of your usual bedside manner. I’ll even grant you a decent number of female companions. You aren’t exactly difficult to look at, but all the other stuff is dick talk. Guys love to expound on their exploits in bed, which they attribute to the appendage between their legs. I am on safe ground when saying most women can achieve a satisfying orgasm through masturbation with sufficient practice. A decent supply of sex toys might come in handy to augment things.”

Flabbergasted by what was coming out of her mouth, Andrew could only stare back, momentarily speechless.

“Thank you, I think,” he finally sputtered through the mass of shock clogging his throat.

What the heck had Fate dropped into his lap? This was so not the kind of mate he wanted, dreamed of, and she was in serious need of help. No matter how cute, sexy, or enticing, he had no intention of being turned into a shrink. He was a GP and a darn good one at that.

*unedited snippet from “A Bear in Our Midst: Mystery of Keyser Ridge 2*


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