A Saturday Confession

First, let me start by offering a sincere apology to those who have stood by me, supported & mentored me. I had hoped by this time to have subbed book #2 in the Mystery of Keyser Ridge series. Unfortunately, that has not happened. The agonizing assault on my country’s democracy and laws by our new president (and his appointees) has been unprecedented and proven more than I can ignore. I have lived through many Presidents representative of both parties, and clearly remember Watergate and Nixon (“Tricky Dickey”), Iran-Contra, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, 9/11, Great Recession of the 90s, massive burst of housing bubble, and many more. None of these comes near the level of grief and angst caused by the blatant assault on our Constitution, laws and free democracy as is being done by those Republicans in leadership positions, from the President on down. Their lack of care and concern for average citizens in favor of people and businesses currying favor by huge infusions of money into their pockets is not only unprecedented, it is most egregious and possibly harmful to the country and its people for decades to come. I find I cannot turn a blind eye to each new assault, nor can I compartmentalize it in order to write, though I try hard to do so at times.

While I was fortunate enough to be born in the USA after the atrocities committed by Hitler and his Nazi party members were stopped, I grew up learning of the heinous things perpetrated on people different from the ruling party only because they worshiped a different religion. It was a harsh lesson. All I could remember was thinking “who died and left white, Aryan Germans in charge with the right to commit religious, ethnic genocide?” Only a warped, twisted, sick, insane mind could conjure up such a plan and convince others to put it into action. But 6 million Jews and countless others died because enough people bought into what that nasty man said. How many of my ancestors lost their lives in that ethnic cleansing I will never know. Those who might have recall names, etc. refused to talk about that time and died without ever giving up even some minute details. Thanks to what is happening with the immigrant ban, arrests, & possible deportations, my heart once again grieves for those lost simply because of being different.

The future of my country’s democracy looks bleak right now, and I find writing about love, romance, empathy, compassion, making things better than the past, an almost impossible task. Characters keep talking, urging for their story to be told, but finding the right frame of mind to write a happy ending seems an almost impossible task at the moment. That is not to say I will stop altogether. I can’t. My heart will not let me. But neither can it let go of the painful misgivings birthed by current events. I cannot, will not, live in some sort of sanitized bubble to keep me oblivious to what is going on around me. I keep trying to plow through what has stalled the creative process, but some days it is an arduous task. If you enjoyed my first published book, “Blinded by Snow: Mystery of Keyser Ridge”, I ask for your patience. There are 4 more in the series loosely planned and I hope to have at least #2 & #3 published, just not as soon as originally planned. I hope those of you who follow me and find my written musings worthy of purchase will cut me some slack while I work through this unusually time and its uncharacteristic effect on me.





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