Sunday Snippet 03.05.17

“Stop this. Getting a mere whiff of the man is not enough to decide he’ll taste yummy in bed.” A definite moan roared in her head, and she clasped a hand over her mouth afraid it might escape. “I’m serious, fur ball, there’s no way I’m getting anything with that man. He’s looking for a mate, he said as much, and I don’t want one. Must I remind you why?”

No, you’ve said it often enough, I can repeat it word for word.

“Good, then get your mind out of the gutter and eyes off the Doc. Casual sex, yes…a long-term relationship, no way.”

More growls erupted at the suggestion. Squeezing her eyes shut, a deep frown furrowed her forehead. Oh good grief, the big furry beast was in some mood. It liked the Doc, had got it firmly in its sights. This had all the earmarks of a knock-down, drag out mental fight.

Triple damn, she hated them with a passion.

“Not this time, you mound of shaggy fur,” she muttered low. One before she’d been foolish enough to let down her guard and the beast roared into control, causing all kinds of trouble and stirring up a horrific headache. “You listen up, you sex-crazed bear. Get the damn itch under control or I’ll subject you to freezing cold showers for a month or more.”

You wouldn’t dare? It whined, certain the threat was a bluff.

“Care to find out?” Kendall challenged, thoroughly prepared to do whatever it took to win this time. Sure the man looked good, smelled even better, but neither she nor her bed was available. One taste of him was potentially dangerous.

**unedited from A Bear in Our Midst: Mystery of Keyser Ridge 2**


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