Sunday Snippet 02.26.2017

Nice guys were inconvenient. Nice guys wanted commitment and possibly family. Nice guys wound up like her father, and she refused to ruin another’s life again. A “take it or leave it, no strings” relationship was all she wanted, ever. Feelings and emotions muddied up the water, led to mating and bonding, and both of those were a big no-no to be avoided at all cost.

Problem with that decision, the Doc stirred something inside, something scary yet surprisingly thrilling. While waiting for the guys of the next shift, she went over and over it in her head, her agitation escalating fast. A panic attack was not wanted right now. But the same darn feeling, as came over at the doctor’s office, was ballooning inside and refused to stop or go away.

What the heck was wrong with her? Years of putting off good-looking guys with relative ease yet the rugged-looking doctor made her sweat profusely as goosebumps erupted all over. A nasty hum rattled in her head. Darn pushy bear. She slammed her eyes shut, trying to will it away, but the animal refused to yield.

“Okay, okay, drop dead gorgeous in a rustic kind of way, better? But don’t forget what happened with my folks. Mating and bonding leads to death. And I won’t be responsible for another person losing their life. Once was quite enough to last a lifetime.”

You know that’s not true, the inner bear disputed. Her grimace and rigid back said she wasn’t buying it. You are one stubborn, hard-headed female, you know that?

“All too well,” she replied smugly, her arms crossed over her chest, and gaze fixed on the door. Where the hell was the next shift? These mental arguments with the furry beast were exhausting, and this particular subject rubbed the wrong way more than most.


**unedited from Bear in Our Midst: Mystery of Keyser Ridge, Book 2**


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