Sadly another one is gone

It is with great sadness I report that ARE [All Romance Ebooks] is closing its online doors, so to speak, on December 31, 2016. As a reader, I freely admit I frequented the site when books I wanted were by publishers who do not sell on their site. I will sorely miss ARE. They always had a great selection, good prices, the occasional rebate program, and a very quick and courteous online customer service. The rapidly changing ebook economy has apparently precipitated this closure, and it is a shame to see the online market shrinking in number. The natural trend of this action is that one day the marketplace will be reduced to Amazon alone, a situation I personally hope will not occur. A monopoly is not the way to stimulate competition or spur writers to grow and produce more and more deliciously satisfying books.Hopefully, this blip in the ebook market will in time even out, some new investors will come along and take a chance to serve an ever widening audience of readers, and once again the future for all will prosper.


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