Snippet Sunday 12.18.16

“Hi there world, Andrew Osbourne Prentiss here, local doctor, perpetual bachelor, and infallible Fate believer, though it is becoming harder to stay optimist. Having reached the ripe old age of thirty six and not found THE one is difficult to keep explaining. My mother, in particular, is getting on my case more and more. She can be a force to reckon with when she gets it into her head one needs her own special brand of intervention. I am rapidly running out of excuses to keep her mind otherwise diverted.”

The tall broad-shouldered man sipped slowly on a large mug of hot coffee, his dark brown eyes peering through the tall wall of windows to the front drive down below. He’d lived in this large house, well situated in the treed lot not far from town, ever since graduating medical school. To keep cost contained, he opted to build a small clinic attached via breezeway to the two story wood house, meaning his fees were miniscule in comparison to those charged by doctors with a practice in an office building.

Too bad controlling his mother’s need to increase her grandbabies wasn’t as easily handled.


4 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 12.18.16

    • Mom is not obnoxious. She dearly loves her children and wants each one happily mated & married. This was more how Andrew viewed her reaction to his seemingly perpetual bachelorhood, though he is also anxious to find his mate.

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