Finally bit the bullet & subbed

After a long,long hiatus (for personal reasons on which I will not expound), I have finally gotten over my hesitancy and submitted a manuscript for consideration. Not to a traditional publisher as in the past, but to a digital online publisher who came highly recommended by a talented writer/author friend whose judgment I trust. With all the upheaval in the digital online publishing world of late, I was extremely hesitant to send my “baby” for fear they’d up and shutdown or word would start to filter through posts of problems (none fully detailed for reasons I understand and appreciate). But it does not make one feel easy about subbing to mere entities on the other end of an email.

I have worked on this story for a long time…writing, editing, revising, editing some more. Then it was beta read by a writer with an impeccable style and command of the English language (helps that she’s British born/raised). It was her high praise, not to mention saying she’d marry the hero if not for already having a wonderful boyfriend, which led to asking around about online publishers. Then came the harrowing process of writing a synopsis and blurb. To say synopsis are the bane of my existence is no exaggeration. Ask me to pen 100,000 or more words…no problem. Ask me to condense them into 3 pages which explain the high points of the story while grabbing/exciting the attention of an editor…major panic point. I have always had great respect for those who can write a compelling synopsis with seemingly little effort. *I know several who will say they agonize over each and every one, but come on…they can’t be sweating each and every word. It all reads too easy*

After what must have been 5 versions, I emailed for review what I thought was my best effort. The red-lining was not as bad as I’d let myself expect. Apparently, I put in too much (told ya I have a problem writing short). After removing a whole bunch, little rework of what was left, I felt relatively comfortable with it and composed an email to an online publisher. Now the wait begins. But even if it is not accepted, this is a lot farther than I’ve been able to push myself since the last engagement with a traditional publishing house many, many years ago.

With luck and the will of the Gods, I hope to one day be writing a blog post to announce a forthcoming book release.


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