Snippet Sunday 10.12.15: Tangled Web

“I want to help but fighting ghosts is not my specialty. I’m not a magician or a wizard.” Though wish I was one so I could magically banish the bad memories so we can make new, glorious ones.

She hiccuped and turned her head, resting a cheek on his chest. Curly chest hairs tickled her nose and she rubbed it before daring to look up. A smug grin looked back. “Here I hoped you were different from others.”

“I am different,” he said matter-of-factly,  his grin turning into a broad smile which lit up his face.

“Um, but you just said?” she started then stopped. The flutter in her stomach had gone from teeny tiny butterfly wings into a pair of big ones more suited to a mystical creature…maybe a dragon. “Is this part of some master plan to confuse then seduce me?”

A deep, belly laugh came from his mouth. “Oh, believe me, Princess, there will be no doubt when I am trying to seduce you. Given your mode of dress” – he pointed at the nightgown on the floor – “I’d say you were the one planning to seduce me.”

Her smile morphed into a silly giggle. “Oh, yeah, the frigid nerd is capable of seducing the hunky, sexy professor. That’s a good one.”

Grasping her chin, he fixed his gaze on hers. “You are not frigid and thoroughly seduced this reluctant professor right out of his shoes.”

“And everything else,” she laughed, and the unmistakable inference of his naked state had him laughing as well. “You do know nearly half of the unattached females on campus, along with a few graduate ones, drool like rabid dogs when you walk by.”

“You don’t say?” None of those horny females could hold a candle to his mate.

“Some of those women consider you choice, fresh meat and want nothing better than to feast on you. You are the main character in their sex-laden, smoking hot dreams.”

“ Oh, come now, they’re on campus to get an education not to seduce a teacher.”

“For a highly educated man, you can be so dumb at    times.”

“Treading on thin ground with talk like that, pussycat” he growled in warning in her ear, then swirled his tongue around its outer shell.

She shivered in response, heat soaring through her veins, and she burrowed closer. “So-so dumb.”

A deep rumble of laughter vibrated in her ear. Between his deep, husky voice and wet, talented tongue, her body felt weak, almost boneless.

“You’re incorrigible, Mister SexyHotPants.”

The unexpected nickname’s sexual connotation was a welcome surprise, and his eyebrows arched as he loudly cleared his throat. “What did you call me?”

“Mister SexyHotPants, but I can’t take credit for it. It’s what you’re called in nearly every girl’s dorm on campus, though there are other variations…Mister Sugar-buns and ….”

“That’s quite enough,” he said, roughly clearing his throat.

A giggle burst from her lips at the utterly delightful look of outrage washing over his face. Priceless, she mused.


3 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 10.12.15: Tangled Web

  1. Love the conversation, such fun banter. I loved this description: “The flutter in her stomach had gone from teeny tiny butterfly wings into a pair of big ones more suited to a mystical creature…maybe a dragon.”

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