Snippet Sunday 08.30.15 – “Tangled Web”

“Oh, yeah, this is loads more fun. Sunbathing on a sandy beach in Florida with friends can’t possibly compare even in the slightest,” she muttered sarcastically

This was gearing up to be quite a snowstorm, possibly a blizzard of monstrous proportions, and already six inches or more of the wet white stuff lay on the flat land. A booming clap of thunder broke the eerie silence on the lonely stretch of road.

“Great, thunder snow, just what I need,” she grumbled, downshifting the silver SUV, christened “Noelle” by her cousin Edie, into four-wheel drive.

The shiny used vehicle was her pride and joy, a replacement for the old one as a gift for her sixteenth birthday and getting her driver’s license. Sometime toward the middle of her junior year in college, it started having so many mechanical problems, it proved wiser to replace than repair. After a lot of soul searching and number crunching, she reluctantly gave into the fact it was time to trade in the old one on a new one.

When the parking lot came into view, she let out a sigh of relief and pulled an empty parking space. Okay, good news = she had made it safe and sound to the lab, though her nerves felt shot. Bad news = hers was the only vehicle in the parking lot.

“Isn’t this just wonderful,” she muttered, unlocking the door and pushing it open.

Normally by this hour of morning, enough cars and trucks of assorted sizes and styles filled half of the lot. Where was everyone?

Getting out into the falling snow, she locked the car and trudged through piles of unplowed snow to a similarly-covered sidewalk. She wasted no time plodding to the front door, only to find it locked. What the hell was going on? By this hour of morning, the building was unlocked and a few others were here. If there’d been a call saying they’d be closed on account of weather, no such call came on her phone.

“I drove through howling wind and blinding snow only to find the place locked up tighter than a clam with lockjaw. Damn!” she swore low. Frustrated at the situation, she stomped a booted foot on the snow covered sidewalk, sending a flurry of white flakes flying into the air from the force.

The flakes get larger and falling faster, she turned and headed back to her car, the one looking more like an oversized snowball than the shiny ornament so lovingly christened by her cousin Edie. Her sturdy fur-lined snow boots made deep depressions in the mound of snow obliterating any demarcation between concrete and pavement. It all looked like one huge ocean of brilliant white.

Her right boot slipped on the hidden icy edge of the curb, causing her legs to fly out from under her, sending her body crashing backward. Landing hard, her head made solid contact with the snow-covered sidewalk. Even her thick fleece-lined hat failed to cushion the blow.

Bright light flashed behind her eyes as shafts of pain shot through her skull. A low groan escaped her lips as her eyelids fluttered. She groaned again. Then everything went quiet and black.


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