Sunday Snippet 02.15.15

His intention was obvious, and she shivered with unfettered need, her insides turning hot and molten. Could she get any more wanton? Where had the upstanding, rule-abiding woman gone?

She grappled with the rapidly vanishing last vestige of self-control. “Are, are you threatening me, Professor?”

The obvious shakiness in her tone had his mouth curling into a knowing smirk. He blew on the shell of her ear again ad again, and she squirmed in an effort to escape the warm torment.

“No, pussycat, no threat. However, if you keep misbehaving, I may have to devise some sort of suitable punishment.”

“Punishment?” she squeaked, her breath hitching at the implication. Her heart pounded in her chest from the unbelievably erotic images blossoming in her head, images of warm lips and a tongue trailing all over her body, licking, tasting, caressing, leaving behind a trail of fire consumed every square inch of her skin, then something pinched her clitoris and she gasped, “You wouldn’t dare, would you?”


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