Snippet Sunday 11.23.14

A taste of recent NANO-2014 piece titled “Truly Blessed”.

Gentle ladies do not swear, gentle ladies do not swear.

She stared for long moments at the face looking back, once again startled by the eyes a perfect match to hers gazing at her. The selfsame eyes she’d been peering into almost from birth. Actually, she’d peered at them before birth, yet trying to explain the full essence of the feeling to anyone not a twin was impossible.

“He is a creature of habit, Lissa, and clings to the old ways, rules, which includes what he can and cannot do in the presence of a Duke of the Realm with regard to a game of cards.” Her continued silence was unsettling, and he gently shook her shoulders. “Lissa?”

“I, I am fine, Bryce.” Fine was not the word she’d normally use to express her feelings. A truly adequate word escaped her, but given this was her twin brother with a penchant to argue with whatever she said, it was of little consequence.

Her breath caught in her throat as she wrestled with the cobwebs of doubt, anger and confusion clouding her thinking.

“He bet me on a hand of cards, Bryce, without so much as a scintilla of care or compassion. Parental love never even entered the decision.” Her voice quivered as fear rippled through her body. She really was trying to understand, but it proved a difficult task. “I cannot honor the agreement.”

The announcement was a shock. “Lissa, please, you have no other choice but to honor it. Father signed his name, making it legal and binding.”

She shook her head. “I did not play the hand or make the bet, yet I must honor the terms? How do we know the Duke did not coerce him into agreeing with the terms?


7 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 11.23.14

  1. I think if someone tells her it’ll bring dishonor to her family, she should say it’s not her that has dishonored it. Great snippet, Chrystamane. 🙂

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