Snippet Sunday 11.02.14

Untitled w.i.p.

“Aww, Mom, this is so damn embarrassing. I’m too big to be hauled around like a brainless newborn.”

She could almost hear the loud snickers from other cubs as they pranced out of the trees into the clearing with her caught in her mother’s jaws as if incapable of moving about on her own. Thankfully, they were still too far away for anyone to notice, which gave her precious minutes to get the woman to release her.

Large padded paws moved silently in the pitch black of night, every movement masked successfully. Taking a quick whiff of air, a noticeable change in smell meant they were within distance of the cave leading to the hidden valley, home for generations of their kind. It also meant an increase in the possibility of someone seeing them. A risk she wasn’t willing to take.

“Come on, Mom. Put me down,” she pleaded, unable to stop the whine in her voice. “I promise I won’t run again, just set me down on all fours, pllllease.”

“Hush up, Jordie, this is not my idea of fun either,” came the muffled reply. Speaking through a mouthful of fur was difficult at best. “You gave me no other choice, young lady. You think I like doing this? Act like a child, you get treated like one.”

“Oh my god, you are so, so, so old fashioned.”


3 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 11.02.14

  1. “I was a Pre-teen Werewolf”?! AWESOME!

    This rocks—and I had this conversation with my older daughter, minus the mouthful of fur, a few days ago.

    You’ve captured (pun intended) Jordie’s attitude perfectly!

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