It’s that time of year again

Tomorrow may be November 1st on the calendar, but the date has more significance than that. It is also the start of National Novel Writing Month [NANOWRIMO for short], and I have signed up for it again. Unlike the 2 Camp sessions, where the rule are more fluid, NANOWRIMO asks one to write a minimum of 50k. Not a seemingly huge feat, but when one really has no idea what they are going to write about, it appears a HUGE mountain to climb. Having a few old manuscripts in serious need of being reworked, I have decided to tackle one of them for NANOWRIMO-2014 in the hope of producing a more viable piece to submit or self-publish, whichever winds up being the more practical.

Quite a few fellow Facebook writers have signed onto NANO for this go-round, Hoping we all can support and nourish each other’s effort. For those who’ve never written before and sign on, I applaud your grit and determination and Welcome!


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