After April 2014 Camp Nano

Hi y’all. Hope all are enjoying the warmth of Spring, now that’s it has finally arrived. Started with lots of rain and roller coaster temps. Then I dove into the first Camp Nano of the year. But instead of writing a brand new story, I decided to open up an old one and rework it. An idea about a hero with a disability came to mind a number of months ago, and after bouncing it off some erotic romance author friends of mine, the idea seemed a perfect fit for the Nano story. I dove in with very little direction and characters that fought me all the way, yet a number of fits and starts, a couple of total mind blocks later, and those two final words can be seen at the end of the tunnel. A few scenes need to be reordered before tackling a major edit, before I dare ask one or two hearty souls to have a read thru. All while the rain keeps falling. Only seems right that a bounty of huge, gorgeous flowers should blossom in the garden, don’t you think? I do. I am so looking forward to big vases of beautiful, fragrant blooms.

Oh, and if you have a moment, please head over to Clair de Lune’s [aka Nell Brown] website and/or blog. She il have a blog hop, with questions & answers, set up and I will be one of the participants. A link to my responses will be posted on her website, etc. Clair has a deep author list, so it ought to be a lively hop. Check it out.

Later y’all…


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