Sunday Snippet 12.22.2013 from “A Tangled Web”

“Really, could have fooled me? From all the complaining you’ve done, I have gotten the impression you’d changed your mind about running. You didn’t have to come along. I would have been fine with your saying no. Guess I got it wrong when I thought you’d hinted, on several occasions, you wanted to do this with me.”

“What? No, I wanted to come along, I really did. I guess I just prefer being chased by a hunky male than being the one doing the chasing, if you know what I mean.” Her breathing still erratic, she prayed the questions stopped long enough so she could catch her breath.

Gaby did slow the pace a little, chuckling. Hadn’t that very same thought come to her more than once? Problem was most men of her acquaintance preferred dumb, busty, and willing, not full-figured with a brain. If she ever got lucky enough to have a male chase her, a pretty big IF, there was only one she wanted fulfilling the request.

Braxton Taggett … Professor Braxton Taggett to be precise. Utter perfection at six feet tall, with reddish brown hair and the sexiest hazel eyes. The very same man who still traipsed through her nightly dreams, luring her into such compromising and lust-filled scenarios, she woke drenched in sweat, emotional drained, horny beyond belief, and he was no longer her mentor and graduate thesis proctor. Sitting opposite him in his office for even one day was enough to spark a hormonal reaction that left her teeter on the edge for hours after closing the office door behind as she almost ran from the building.


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