Sunday Snippet 11.10.13

An unedited snippet from my current Nano piece. [please excuse typos, etc.]

Gaby, please slow down.” Air hissed in and out of her nostrils, her breathing labored thanks to the blistering pace.


“I… am… not.”

This morning’s round of complaints were more wishy-washy than normal. On most days her cousin did not hesitate to speak her mind. Today she seemed to have a problem stringing enough words together to make sense, and it was diving Gaby crazy, her patience running out almost as fast as her legs were moving. “Come on, Edie. Don’t you run anymore, ever? It’s not really all that far, and I am not going full out either, but if you want to?”

“No, no, this pace is fine, and what do you mean asking if I run anymore? Of course, I do, just not as fast or as far as you do on a regular basis. Besides, I prefer being chased by a hunky male than doing the chasing, if you know what I mean.”


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