Sunday Snippet 09.22.13

From my WIP with working title of “Shameful Secrets”. Forced to garage his race car due to unexpected sponsor problems, Konstantine Sterling moves to Libertyville to assume the role of partner in the rural kink club owned by a former college frat brother. It was supposed to be temporary until securing new sponsorship. He never planned on meeting and falling head-over-heels for a green-eyed college instructor by the name of Prudence Ashcombe, or teaching her the delights to be found in his arms and bed.

“But I thought?” Her voice was low and soft, catching in her throat as a wave of heat assaulted her insides, threatening almost instant combustion.

“That’s your problem, Professor, you think too much. Now hush,” he admonished in a deep throaty sound that made her warm insides clench tight as her panties got wetter.

“Mister Sterling!” she squeaked, feeling teeth nibbling on her earlobe.

“Hush, Prudence,” he reminded firmly, his hot breath scorching a trail of kisses down the column of her neck to the hollow on her shoulder.

With a light nip he returned to her ear, his teeth scraping over the fleshy lobe before his lips closed on it, sucking and tugging and savoring the tasty morsel. No one else would savor the delights of her. He planned to make damn sure of it.

Business might have drawn him away before; business which once meant the world to him. Then he met this luminous green-eyed creature and everything changed. A mystery, a conundrum, one which captured him, body and soul, brought him back here straightaway to figure it out. Once solved, he had no intention of sharing such a treasured prize.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet 09.22.13

  1. Sexy snippet, Cheryl. If you remove most of the dialog tags and just leave the actions, it will make it flow even better. Nicely done. 🙂

  2. Hot snippet, well done. But I think I detect some change in POV from one paragraph to the next. Maybe you have a reason for going from his to hers to his again. I tend to be something of a POV purist, so don’t mind me.

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