Snippet Sunday 09.01.2013

From my WIP – “Turn of the Last Card”.  Having arrived at the Leamington Spa Gentleman’s Club, not his normal choice, the Duke of Bainbridge seeks out the Right Honorable Edward Warring, 7th Baron Hawley, causing quite a stir among the members of the otherwise sedate club.


A quick flash of memory rushed back, a large lump lodging in the back of his throat, one proving difficult to swallow. One blasted misstep, one uncharacteristic mental trip, brought him to this time and place. But never again, he swore in silence, and stared at the Baron.

Drawing in a steadying breath, he found it impossible to let go of the simple fact his friend had somehow managed to outplay him. But Dinsdale would pay, and dearly, for forcing the matter. Whoever leaked information on the stipulation in his grandfather’s will, they would be discovered for no one outside the family knew the exact terms, meaning someone in one of two households was responsible. If it was within his power, he meant to keep the Drayton family and its business from being the subject of the unrelenting gossips of the ton.

Yet, somehow his friend found out, using it to his advantage at just the right moment. He still could not believe he’d miscalculated so badly. But welching on a bet was no option; he intended to pay the terms in full as outlined .


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