Snippet Sunday offering

A Snippet from “Turn of the Last Card”, my historical/regency work-in-progress.  #SnippetSunday



Noise exploded through the semi-dark silent room, like a loud clap of thunder breaking right overhead intending to crash through the roof. The rude break of preordained rules started a wave of newspapers rustling from the wing-chairs scattered about the room. Then pairs of eyes began to pop over the top edges of The Times, glaring in anger while squinting through ribbons of acrid cigar smoke. A flagrant break of hard and fast rules was not to be tolerated.

“What is HE doing here?” some muttered upon spying the figure standing in what was once a closed door, now open for all to see.

Rhys Fitzhugh Drayton, 10th Duke of Bainbridge, neither a member nor occasional visitor to the Leamington Spa Gentleman’s Club, surveyed the room while gritting his teeth against the curse swilling in his mouth. He did not care whether or not he disrupted the peace and quiet. Only one reason brought him here in the first place, and he fully intended to see it fulfilled without interference or delay. These stodgy old men could swallow their effrontery over his arrival.


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