After Camp NaNoWri April 2013

Well, Camp NaNo is over and I not only made my word count but surpassed it.  “62k+” . . .WooHoo! This was a stuff one as I reworked a previously written manuscript, cutting it, tightening up in places, and completely changing the sexual tone of story. It went from a ‘sweet romance’ to one more erotic, not full BDSM. I do not live the lifestyle and felt incompetent to do justice to such scenes. I know quite a few in the lifestyle to varying degrees and worry about insulting their life choice. No. A friend does not do that, and not a good one.

So I threw out the idea of toughing it out trying to write BDSM scenes and stuck to spanking & mild bondage [relatively ‘vanilla’ in comparison to the stuff I read with delight. Some of my favorite writers are queens of erotic romance. It boggles the mind the stories they come up with and put to paper to tantalize their legions of dedicated fans.

Seriously, I digress. I think I am on the right path with these changes. With any luck I will have enough completed in the next weeks to tackle the task of asking for beta readers. Then, it’s crossed fingers time, as if submitted to yet another agent or publisher and pray  for no rejection letter.

Another time!


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