Update – Camp NaNo/April 2013

So my re-write is moving along swimmingly when I get this brilliant idea to totally redo the first few chapters. Putting everything else aside, I launched into it. Lo and behold I eliminated nearly 3k words which really made a big difference [to this author’s mind]. Now the conundrum. Having already reached nearly 24k on Camp NaNo, the loss of 3k words significantly sets back my progress. Once again I find myself in catch-up mode, not a place of confidence. Feels more like “one step forward, two steps back”.


I really wanted to fulfill my posted goal of 50k words by the time Camp NaNo ends.  If I keep doing things like this, I might never reach the goal.  Added to that I had hoped to tackle an update of my website once camp is over.  Originally constructed by a writer friend who’d already done her own site, she is listed as administrator, limiting the changes I can make.  I asked if ownership could be transferred to me in order to have a free hand to make whatever changes deemed needed/necessary. Apparently that is not possible. Now I am faced with starting a whole new website once camp is over.


I know of a writer who plunks out a book a month.  And I am not talking a novella [fancy word for ‘short story’ for those unfamiliar with terminology]. A whole book in a month? Really, a book in 4 weeks? And they manage  to have a life and family at the same time? “Impressive” fails to adequately define what this person accomplishes. I am in awe of someone so prolific. I only desire to publish one book every 6 to 12 months. Apparently, that is an unrealistic goal.


One thought on “Update – Camp NaNo/April 2013

  1. I can do a poetry book in a month. However this month I am behind because I have been mentoring a senior on her senior project and instead of my own writing we are doing hers. I feel pushed to the max as her presentation is this morning. I hope it goes well. My joints ache and I don’t feel well. I am not going to be able to attend and see how see does. I really wanted to be there but I am getting ready for two book signings this week and I can’t get sick. All I can say is good for those who continue to write.

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