April Camp NaNo 2013

Since I found myself stuck in what I can only characterize as writer’s block mode, I decided to sign up for April’s Camp NaNo. Given the instructions allowed one to resurrect an old piece, rather than create a new one from scratch, I brought out a rather lengthy historical I always liked but felt needed a lot of work [including significant word count reduction]. While in the first 14 days I have managed to eliminate 10k words and tightened up the storyline a bit, I still feel something is missing, not right with the piece.

Flash bulb moment! Brand new beginning took shape in head this morning and now busy working on it [though put on hold while writing this blog]. All a process. . .I know, I know. But the process seems a little more convoluted today than ever before. Maybe it’s just me . . .do not know. Only know want to produce something others will enjoy, want to tell even more to buy and read, then wait with baited breath for the next creative endeavor to spill forth.


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