Taking a Breather

Been almost a month since my last post, and for that I apologize to any faithfully following me.  It has nothing, whatsoever, to do with anyone other than myself.  The writing muse decided it needed a break and went on vacation. In the interim, I decided to try and recharge the waning battery by delving into the ever-growing number of e-books I have collected [almost all of them “free” and from a wide variety of authors I was not formerly acquainted with]. It has been a joy to discover these talented writers from across the wide spectrum of romance. It has given me a few ideas for future projects, which was sorely needed.  My muse, however, seems to need a little more downtime.  As such, current projects will languish in the WIP folder.  Wish I could say this is because of too many outside distractions, but that is not the case. And now with a snowstorm barreling towards where I live, any possible lingering source of distraction will be swept away.

It’s not writer’s block; it’s more a paralysis. Ideas proliferate in my head, yet I sit in front of the computer, know what I want to write/edit, but nothing happens.  Just hoping it’s a phase and will get through it quickly. FYI – this will be my only rant, of sorts, on this topic. I’ve just posted it to let you know I am still alive and working on straightening things out. Slowly fixing an early work to post on Wattpad. A dear writer friend suggested it for readings and feedback. Will post when it goes up if anyone is interested to take a look.

Thanks for continuing to follow this blog!!


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