My apologies for the gap in posts. I got sidetracked over the last few weeks. First there was the threat of snow several times that never materialized [so much for the exact science of weather forecasting]. Frigid cold temps were left behind that decided to hang around too long.  Yes, I have had enough of Mother Nature’s cruel joke and am quite ready for Spring to arrive [the groundhog did predict an early Spring, did he not?].

While snuggled under a warm afghan, I have been busy re-working my NaNo piece, though not as easy as originally conceived.  Rewriting dialogue, taking some on a whole new track, while trying to get to the HEA a lot sooner than my other works.  Got some leads on new Indie publishers actively looking for submissions, but the max. word count is a lot lower than I usually create. A challenge for sure, but one I am willing to take on. Not being quite as verbose is a good thing, though it is taking me a lot longer to write more concisely.  A situation I am find rather amusing. Anyway, spending more and more time on this project means a sacrifice elsewhere, like this blog.  So, for those of you who signed up to follow, please forgive me if I don’t post.  With luck, it will all be worthwhile when I can post that I have gotten a contract.

Keep the faith, fellow writers!


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