Moving On

Okay, the edit of “His Reluctant Duchess” is finally done and uploaded to ABNA.  Now, it is time to get back to the NaNoWriMo piece and see if it will get moving forward.  They are two characters I really like, even better they like each other.  Just some secrets from the past have a way of holding on, putting up roadblocks, though long past the time to let go and stay buried forever.  Letting go, even of something that hurts so much when you want to be, oh,so happy, is sometimes the most difficult thing to do.  Much to my surprise, a lot more of me is in this one than any of the others.  Perhaps, I might be able to do a final burial of what holds me back alongside Prudence and Konstantine as they stumble their way through the mire of emotions and feelings to find love and happiness within themselves and, possibly, each other.


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