ABNA/Character Update

Just a quick post to let all know that characters finally cooperated [not without a fervent push from ‘moi’] and the entry submitted to ABNA2013.  Now comes the wait, which I do not do well.  So I will revisit another manuscript whose edit I put on-hold or perhaps return to my NaNoWriMo piece to see if I can get it moving forward.

Last time I looked at “Secrets” [the NaNo piece], the main two characters were having a difficult time coming together in spite of a mutual attraction.  [Not all of my characters have this problem, I swear it!].  By the time the month of November ended, which also ended the NaNo project, the story was at its mid-point.  Since this is my first contemporary romance  [set in this year and with an erotic bent], I am finding it more difficult than an historical.  Go figure, right?

Set in modern times, without all the worry about clothes, language, mores, etc., it has me stumped.  I worry over not portraying the sex scenes accurately, fearful of offending those that enjoy that lifestyle, and possibly alienating readers.  Scaring away readers is not my goal.  On the contrary, I want to draw people to reading more and more of my books.  Having a growing fan-base is every writers dream, and I am no exception.  To that aim, I try hard to write a story that makes the reader feel a part of it, whether historical or in today.  This is not an easy task and I am indebted to all those I call on for advice, who freely offer up help or guide me to those who can help.   I still have faith and love for “Secrets” and hold out hope that it will end with an HEA.  It is just taking a little longer getting there than with others.


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