ABNA 2013 Anyone?

The edit of “His Reluctant Duchess” (Drayton Family Saga/Book 1) is proceeding well.  Hope to have it polished enough for entry into ABNA 2013.  With Penguin Books on-board and a new romance category, romance novels [historical and/or contemporary] will finally be judged accordingly, and not lumped in with all other fiction entries.  Rules for writing a romance can differ greatly from those governing the creation of general fiction.  I look forward to see how this new change pans out.

Any romance writers thinking about entering ABNA this year, please let me know your thoughts on this new innovation.


2 thoughts on “ABNA 2013 Anyone?

  1. Good to hear that your edit is going well. My content editor has the nasty habit of flagging all the parts that I had trouble with when I was writing the original.

    I love your beautiful header.

    • Edit is finally winding down, though not without some very trying spots. Characters got a little out of hand in the middle, but with some serious cutting/rewriting, I was able to get all back on track. Some stories flow easy, others are like pulling teeth without numbing of any sort. Posted the entry to ABNA and now have fingers/toes crossed.

      I may rotate the header pic. I found several “love” ones that took my breath away. This was just one of them.

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