Drayton Family Saga, Book 1

What do you get when a Duke and the daughter of a Baron wed to fulfill the terms of a bet?  A very Reluctant Duchess.  Fireworks start soon after the ceremony ends, as one stubborn duke butts heads with a spirited, equally strong-willed duchess.

Ah, the thrill of Regency England.  As if the antics of the Prince Regent were not enough, Melissa (Warring) proves to be anything but the simpering, obedient wife Rhys Fitzhugh planned to wed and bring home.  She is pretty and smart, does not immediately cave to his love-making, and arouses him unlike any other female without crooking a finger.  Her refusals make him rethink everything, especially about love and marriage.  Can she melt the ice wall protecting his heart?  The one erected shortly after his parents were suddenly killed, leaving the three Drayton children orphans.

Can he give up the hurt of the past, put his personal demons to rest, and allow himself to find life-long love?  Can his reluctant duchess forgive and forget why they’d wed and let in the possibility of love?


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